You will actually have to spend some time setting up each site and putting the plan in place.

Fortunately though, once they are set up – they run with minimal maintenance on your part, but provide the Big G and all of her pets, Panda, Penguin, and whoever is next – Platypus?) with all the food they want.

Google will love you, your clients will love you, your writers and their clients will love you and mostly – you will start loving your life and your bank account again.

Everyone knows that LinkedIn is a great place for business contacts – in fact there are very few places where you can connect directly with as many C-level decision makers as you can on LinkedIn.

Everyone is in the mindset of doing business – so it's a place you want to be!

But there is something else that everyone here has in common: we are all trying to find ways to get more exposure for ourselves and our businesses or our client’s businesses..and this where you can step in to help – both yourself and other business people on LinkedIn.

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